Head Tech services

Welcome to Head Tech, Nottinghamshire's premier head gasket repair centre. We specialise in repairing blown head gaskets for all makes of car, all work is carried out in house to the highest possible standards, utilising the latest equipment and methods available.

Injector Removals

We specialise in  injector removal for Vauxhall Vivaro, Renault Traffic and Nissan Primastar both for the 2.0 Litre M9R engine.

Head gasket repair

We have the expertise in repairing blown head gaskets for all vehicle types and do all skimming and testing in house

Glow Plug Removal

At HEAD TECH we can extract snapped and seized in glow plugs and electrodes in situ without removing the cylinder head.

ECU Remapping

Our state-of-the-art ECU remapping technology will safely, reliably and significantly increase your BHP and torque by up to 35% and fuel economy by up to a staggering 20%.

DPF Diesel Particulate Cleaning and repairs

DPF cleaning and fault repairs. DPF repairs can be an involved process and requires specialist skills and experience - something Head Tech has plenty of.

Cambelt Change

Cambelt wear-and-tear can be affected by various factors, the knock-on effects of which can lead to a number of costly repairs. To ensure maximum performance and safety, it is best to replace your car’s cambelt to a recommended schedule. Please refer to your vehicle handbook or us at HEAD TECH for advice.

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