We pride ourselves in ensuring that you – and your car – receive the very highest level of care and service, with a full quotation and explanation of costs given before any necessary work is carried out. No one understands vehicles like we do at HEAD TECH, so to book a service with the people that know your vehicle best, simply contact us on 07740 337568.

Routine servicing

Why is servicing important?

Regular servicing is the way to ensure that your vehicle maintains an optimum level of performance during its ownership cycle. A full service history can also enhance the potential resale value of a car.

How often should my vehicle be serviced?

There is a choice between time and distance servicing, and variable servicing. Please consult with your vehicle handbook or ask us at HEAD TECH to determine which servicing programme best meets your needs. For a vehicle being serviced according to time and distance, services will be required at fixed intervals. Where variable servicing is chosen, sensors located within your engine and other working components of the vehicle, may be fitted that will inform you when servicing is required.

To find out if your vehicle is fitted with these sensors, please refer to your handbook.