Cambelt Change

Cambelt wear-and-tear can be affected by various factors, the knock-on effects of which can lead to a number of costly repairs. To ensure maximum performance and safety, it is best to replace your car’s cambelt to a recommended schedule. Please refer to your vehicle handbook or us at HEAD TECH for advice.

Common questions

What is a cambelt?
A cambelt is a rubber toothed belt that links the crankshaft to the camshaft. It coordinates and regulates the opening of the inlet and exhaust valves to optimise the engine performance for both economy and power.

Why is it important to maintain the cambelt?
A cambelt is one of the hardest working components in an engine. It should be replaced in good time to avoid damage to the engine. Please refer to HEAD TECH for guidance.

What happens if it is not regularly maintained?
The economy and power of your engine will be affected over time. If failure of the cambelt were to occur it could result in significant damage to the engine.

How often should it be maintained?
To optimise engine performance HEAD TECH recommends that a cambelt is replaced periodically. .